Daniel Sabbagh
Senior Research Fellow, Sciences Po
Phone: +33 (0) 1 58 71 70 52 - daniel.sabbagh@sciencespo.fr

Daniel Sabbagh holds a doctorate in political science (2000) and is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Sciences Po (Centre de recherches internationales). His research interests include antidiscrimination and affirmative action policies considered from a comparative and multidisciplinary perspective, multiculturalism, American law, theories of justice and equality, the domestic determinants of American foreign policy, and the death penalty in the United States.

He is the author of L'Égalité par le droit: les paradoxes de la discrimination positive aux États-Unis (Paris, Économica, 2003), which received the François Furet Book Award and was partly published in English under the title Equality and Transparency: A Strategic Perspective on Affirmative Action in American Law (New York, Palgrave) in 2007. He is the co-author (with Stéphanie Balme) of Chine/États-Unis: fascinations et rivalités (Paris, Autrement, 2008). He is the co-editor of three edited volumes ([with Anna Mountford-Zimdars et David Post], Fair Access to Higher Education : Global Perspectives (University of Chicago Press, 2014) ; [with Magali Bessone], Race, racisme, discriminations : une anthologie de textes fondamentaux (Hermann, coll. « L’avocat du diable », 2015) ; [with Maud Simonet], De l’autre côté du miroir : comparaisons franco-américaines (Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2018)), and of special issues published in the International Social Science Journal [with Patrick Simon], French Politics, Culture, and Society, and Sociétés contemporaines [with Agnès van Zanten].

Along with legal scholar Gwénaële Calvès, he is the co-founder of the “Antidiscrimination Policies” seminar at Sciences Po and he has written reports on antidiscrimination and affirmative action policies for the United Nations Development Program, the European Commission, and the Republic of South Africa. His other publications include articles in World Politics, Daedalus, Ethnic and Racial Studies, the Political Science Quarterly, la Revue française de science politique, Politix, la Revue de synthèse, Droit et société, and the Revue internationale de politique comparée, as well as a chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Comparative Constitutional Law (2012).
With Laure Bereni (CRNS/CMH) and Juliette Galonnier (Sciences Po/CERI)), he chairs the “Inequality and Discrimination » group of the French Political Science Association. He is a member of CERI’s conseil d’unité, of the ANR research team Global Race (Patrick Simon (dir.), and of the editorial board of Ethnic and Racial Studies. Along with sociologists Devah Pager and Agnès van Zanten, he is the former chair of the academic board of the French American Foundation’s ‘Equality of Opportunity’ program, a former member of the executive committee of ARDIS (Alliance de recherche sur les discriminations), and the former co-editor of Critique internationale.
He teaches at Sciences Po.

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Main Publications

- avec Magali Bessone] (dir.), Race, racisme, discriminations: Anthologie de textes fondamentaux, Paris, Hermann, coll. « L’Avocat du diable », à paraître en 2015.
- « Groups and Affirmative Action », dans Magali Bessone, Gideon Calder et Federico Zuolo (eds), How Groups Matter: Challenges of Toleration in Pluralistic Societies, New York, Routledge, 2014, pp. 109-122.

- avec Anna Mountford-Zimdars et David Post (dir.), Fair Access to Higher Education: Global Perspectives, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2014.

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- « The Paradox of Decategorization: Deinstitutionalizing Race through Race-Based Affirmative Action in the United States », Ethnic and Racial Studies, juin 2011, Vol. 34, n°10, pp.1665-1681.

- « Affirmative Action: The US Experience in Comparative Perspective », Daedalus. Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, printemps 2011, Vol. 140, n°2, pp. 109-120.

- « The Rise of Indirect Affirmative Action: Converging Strategies for Promoting “Diversity” in Selective Institutions of Higher Education in the United States and France », World Politics, 63 (3), 2011, pp. 470-508.

- « Diversité » et formation des élites : une perspective transatlantique », avec van Zanten, Agnès (dir.), Sociétés contemporaines, 79, 2010, pp. 5-95.

- Equality and Transparency: A Strategic Perspective on Affirmative Action in American Law, New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.

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