Tom Theuns is lecturer and tutor in Politics, Philosophy and Law at the University of Amsterdam. He defended his PhD in Political Science at Sciences Po in 2017. His thesis, entitled 'The Legitimacy of EU Democracy Promotion in the Neighbourhood'  articulates a theory of democracy promotion and examines the legitimacy of EU democracy promotion in Eastern Europe and North Africa using the tools of international political theory and normative democratic theory. Tom also holds an MPhil in Political Theory from Balliol College, Oxford University, and a BA in Social Science (cum laude) from University College Maastricht. In the summer of 2017 he worked as research fellow of the EUROGLOB strategic partnership between Sciences Po and Princeton University.

Current research projects investigate the democratic legitimacy of disenfranchisement and the proper boundaries of the demos, the tension between democratic ideals and EU free trade agreements, procedural accounts of the value and justification of democratic government and the legitimate scope of EU policies designed to protect and entrench democratic governent.

Tom Theuns has taught undergraduate courses in political science, political theory, international relations, legal theory, research methodology and the history of political thought for Sciences Po's programmes in Paris and Reims, at the University of Amsterdam and at the University of Maastricht. Prior to taking up his position at the University of Amsterdam, he was also a tutor in Sciences-Po's Masters programme in political theory. He has published several book chapters and reviews as well as peer reviewed journal articles in the Journal of European Integration, the Contemporary Journal of European Research, the Australian Journal of Politics and History and the Journal of Comparative Law.


The Legitimacy-Discourse and the Justification of EU Foreign Policy in the European Neighbourhood under the supervision of Justine Lacroix


'Democratic Legitimacy, Desirability and Deficit in EU Governance', co-authored with Maurits de Jongh, Journal of Contemporary European Research, available here:

'Promoting Democracy Through Economic Conditionality in the ENP: a Normative Critique', Journal of European Integration, available here:

'Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill and the Secret Ballot: Insights from Nineteenth Century Democratic Theory’, in press with the Australian Journal of Politics and History

'Judge-Made Justifications and Democratic Legitimacy in French Criminal Law’, co-authored with Alice Dejean de la Bâtie, in press with the Journal of Comparative Law.

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