Research Groups

In addition to individual research and other collective projects, CERI scholars also divide into in small research groups based on specific topics of common interest.

These groups serve three main purposes:

- Organize seminars or workshops, in particular for doctoral students, on a specific research area or on general methodological issues

- Develop and consolidate a long-lasting research network in a particular sub-field of study

- Discuss and exchange upon a precise topic of research or a region/country



Area studies:

Africa: citizenship, violence and politics

Central Asia

Contemporary Turkey

Comparative politics:

Breaking the law to maintain public order: research group on vigilantism

The new demagogues

The act of voting: comparative perspectives

Antidiscrimination policies

Reflections on mass violence

International and transnational relations

Catastrophes and risks

Energy and cohesion: governance, regulation and negotiations

Environment and international relations

Migrations and mobility

Religions and multilateralism

Intelligence, espionage, surveillance and obedience 

International political philosophy

Research group on multilateral action (GRAM)