Fields of Research

Five major fields of research guide CERI’s scientific development and federate its activities. These broad fields encompass all research currently being conduced by CERI scholars, across their academic disciplines (political science, sociology, anthropology, history, law, geography and economics) and the various approaches to the study of world politics (international/transnational relations, area studies and comparative politics) represented within the center.


Every CERI faculty member choses to associate with a field he or she considers the closest to their research interests; some scholars identify with one major and one secondary field of research. A tandem of co-leaders heads each field of research.


Field 1:
Actors and levels of regulation in world politics

Lead by: Frédéric Ramel and Ariel Colonomos

Primary members:

Bertrand Badie, Samy Cohen, Dominique Colas, Ariel Colonomos, Anne de Tinguy, Guillaume Devin, Jean-Luc Domenach, Jean-Pierre Filiu, André Grjebine, Ronald Hatto, Hélène Le Bail, Christian Lequesne, Frédéric Ramel

Secondary members:

François Bafoil, Stéphanie Balme, Olivier Dabène, Marie Mendras, Benoit Pelopidas, Karoline Postel-Vinay, Sandrine Revet, Jérôme Sgard, Hélène Thiollet, Eric Verdeil


Field 2:

Political participation and mobilization

Lead by: Sandrine Perrot and Hélène Combes

Primary members:

Jean-Philippe Béjà, Hélène Combes, Olivier Dabène, Stéphanie Latte, Sandrine Perrot, Jacques Rupnik

Secondary members:

Richard Banégas, Samy Cohen, Laurent Gayer, Riva Kastoryano, Denis Lacorne, Stéphane Lacroix, Hélène Le Bail, Elise Massicard, David Recondo, Jean-Louis Rocca, Kathy Rousselet


Field 3:

The State and the transformations of the State

Lead by: Elise Massicard and Hélène Thiollet

Primary members:

Fariba Adelkhah, François Bafoil, Stéphanie Balme, Romain Bertand, Béatrice Hibou, Christophe Jaffrelot, Eberhard Kienle, Laurence Louër, Roland Marchal, Luis Martinez, Elise Massicard, Marie Mendras, Françoise Mengin, Nadège Ragaru, Jean-Louis Rocca, Jérôme Sgard, Hélène Thiollet, Eric Verdeil, Catherine Wihtol de Wenden

Secondary members:

Antonela Capelle-Pogacean, Guillaume Devin, Gilles Favarel-Garrigues, Laurent Fourchard, Christian Lequesne, Paola López Caballero, Catherine Perron, Nadège Ragaru


Field 4:

Violence and danger management

Lead by: Laurent Gayer and Sandrine Revet 

Primary members:

Didier Bigo, Gilles Favarel-Garrigues, Laurent Fourchard, Laurent Gayer, Benoit Pelopidas, Sandrine Revet, Jacques Semelin

Secondary members:

Laurent Bonnefoy, Dominique Colas, Stéphanie Latte, Sandrine Perrot, Frédéric Ramel


Field 5:

Identity and politics

Lead by: Daniel Sabbagh and Laurent Bonnefoy

Primary members:

Richard Banégas, Laurent Bonnefoy, Antonela Capelle-Pogacean, Alain Dieckhoff, Riva Kastoryano, Denis Lacorne, Stéphane Lacroix, Paola Lopez-Caballero, Catherine Perron, Karoline Postel-Vinay, Nadège Ragaru, David Recondo, Kathy Rousselet, Daniel Sabbagh, Astrid von Busekist

Secondary members:

Fariba Adelkhah, Jean-Philippe Béjà, Romain Bertrand, Jean-Pierre Filiu, André Grjebine, Christophe Jaffrelot, Laurence Louër, Jacques Rupnik, Jacques Semelin, Catherine Wihtol de Wenden