The CERI’s Writing Seminar

Scientific coordinators

Alix Chaplain, PhD student
Juliette Galonnier, Assistant Professor
Nadia Marzouki, CNRS Researcher
Hugo Meijer, CNRS Researcher

This seminar offers a space to discuss writing in the social sciences. It is meant to provide support to CERI’s PhD students in their various writing endeavors (dissertation chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles, public writing, etc.). The aim is to share techniques, “recipes” and “tricks of the trade” while insisting on the pleasure of writing, which is part and parcel of the research process.

The first part of the seminar, taking place in the Fall semester, is structured around collective sessions (open to all) on the activity of writing, publishing in journals and the architecture of research projects.

The second part, in the Spring semester, is divided into occasional sessions on specific topics and working sessions in small groups: PhD students must come with a draft paper or chapter that will be (kindly) discussed and critiqued by their peers. The idea is not so much to comment on the content of the research but to appraise the production of evidence, the argumentative structure and the style of the piece. In so doing, this seminar also acts as a space of professional socialization since providing (and receiving) constructive feedback is a central activity of researchers.

Our sessions

First semester - Collective sessions

Collective sessions will be based upon talks and various readings dealing with writing in the social sciences that will be discussed collectively (see shared bibliography).

First session
Wednesday 28 octobre - 12h-14h 
Writing the social sciences: introduction to the seminar  

Session 2
Monday 23 November -12h-14h

Publishing in Academic Journals

Session 3
Decembre, date tbc

Research Design


Second semester - Working sessions

 => The seminar is based on participation: each PhD student will present his/her work and comment on the work of others

=> The sessions will be organized according to research topics, language and dissertation stage

=> Specific issues can be addressed during the working sessions. To be determined depending on need and interest (publishing in English, translation issues, the workings of journal’s editorial boards, ethnographic writing, literature review, etc.)