Issue Distinctiveness in a Two-Headed Political System - Similarities and Differences between Parties' Legislative and Presidential manifestos in France, SAB


This project will assess whether issues politicized by candidates in presidential elections are similar to those politicized in legislative elections.Such a study would represent a substantive addition to existing work on the nature and functioning of the French political regime. It would, moreover, allow to evaluate the impact of recent institutional changes, namely, the synchronizing of parliamentary and presidential cycles with the shortening of the presidential term to five years.
The team gathers scholars from four different institutions (Sciences Po; Pacte, IEP Grenoble; Cersa, Université Paris 2; Universität Konstanz), in order to prepare and supervise the coding of the major French presidential electoral manifestos since 1981, according to the Comparative Agendas Project codebook, and analyze the data produced. This will allow answering questions regarding issue competition and institutional change, and immensely enhance existing data available to scholars interested in studying issue competition in France.