Invités 2018-2019

Visiting PhD Candidate
IUAV University of Venice, Department of Design and Planning in Complex Environments
2018-09 - 2018-10
Visiting PhD Candidate
Scuola Normale Superiore, Department of Political and Social Sciences
Visiting Assistant Professor
University of Oslo, Centre for Research on Extremism
2018-10 - 2018-12
Visiting Professor
Universitaet Muenster (Allemagne), Institut de Droit Fiscal
2018-09 - 2019-06
Visiting Assistant Professor
Harvard University, Department of Sociology
2018-09 - 2019-01
Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology
2018-09 - 2019-04
Visiting PhD Candidate
Brown University, Department of Political Science
2018-09 - 2019-02
PhD candidate in International Relations at the University of São Paulo
PhD candidate in Textual and Discourse Linguistic at the University of Minas Gerais
University of São Paulo
2018-09 - 2019-02