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Cahiers européens de Sciences Po

The purpose of the Cahiers européens de Sciences Po (Sciences Po’s European notebooks) is to promote the development and dissemination of research on European integration and to contribute to scientific debate on Europe. 

The aim is to provide a space for the publication of ongoing research on European issues conducted at Sciences Po and beyond. The Cahiers européens help to disseminate the work of guest researchers and professors at Sciences Po’s Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics or participants in its activities.


Key Themes




What are the political effects of the changes in Europe’s economic and social systems? How are they reshaping the state, public action and representative democracy? In order to answer these questions, CEE’s work is structured along four overlapping axes: the transformations of capitalismcities, borders and (im)mobilitiesthe state as producer of public policiestensions in representative democracy.

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