How do I apply?

In order to attract students with a truly international profile, Sciences Po introduced an international undergraduate admissions procedure. Admission interviews are held in 70 cities across the world. The idea is to provide excellent candidates possessing a positive academic record, varied experiences who appropriately present their skills and personal qualities.

More information about the international admissions procedure

Administrative and student services

The administrative registration department, as well as the student aid, grants and scholarships, accommodation support teams are all here to welcome and accompany you during your studies at Sciences Po.

Administrative registration is compulsory for all students attending any of Sciences Po's campuses. The student administrative registration departments can help you with the administrative registration process either as a new or continuing student.

Administrative registration comprises of three important requirements:

  • Social security and complementary insurance : This important compulsory part of registration will provide for the guarantee of social coverage during your full academic year.
  • Tuition fees: Payment of tuition is carried out at the moment of the administrative registration. You will be guided through the process by registration personnel who provide information on the various modes of calculating tuition, of payment, including possibilities for paying through installments.
  • The student card: Essential during your studies at Sciences Po, your student card acts also as your library card and allows you to benefit from certain student reductions (transport, cultural activities, etc.). For degree-seeking students, your student card is valid for the duration of your studies at Sciences Po. You will be issued with a new stamp every academic year which will validate your registration for the current academic year.

Throughout the year, a team is here to help you answer your questions, issue your student card and if needed, any document required certifying your student status (proof of your student status, proof of your administrative registration etc.).

Bursaries and financial aid

To ensure that all students admitted to Sciences Po successfully complete their studies, Sciences Po has substantially reinforced its financial aid policy. This policy is defined in consultation with faculty and student representatives who sit on the Joint Commission and the University Management Board. A progress report is submitted each year to these two bodies. A monitoring group, consisting of professors, students and experts, meets regularly to evaluate the financial aid scheme and suggest new guidelines.

More informations about bursaries and financial aid.


Students enroleld at Sciences Po commit from the outset until the end of their studies at the institution to respect the rules of intellectual honesty outlined in the Plagiarism charter (PDF, 59 Ko).

Plagiarism is severely punished at Sciences Po: penalties include a grade of zero, non-validation of the class in question and suspension. Any student caught plagiarising risks being permanently expelled from the institution.

Internships, jobs

Sciences Po's office of Careers Service prepares, supports and facilitates the entry of Sciences Po students into professional life, since their first year as Undergraduates until two years after graduation.

We work alongside the educational staff and serve as an information point for any employer wishing to recruit students and graduates from Sciences Po.

More informations about Sciences Po's office of Careers Service.