Incoming Students: Welcome to the Reims Campus!

  • Reims campus entrance ©Martin ArgyrogloReims campus entrance ©Martin Argyroglo

Congratulations on your acceptance to Sciences Po! Within a few weeks of your acceptance you will be receiving an email from the Registrar’s office with basic steps and tutorials for setting up your time here at Sciences Po. You will be receiving a welcome package from the Reims campus in early July

Especially for the international students, we know that obtaining housing is a major step: check this page for housing options and information in Reims. Please note that there are also homestay options available if it makes you feel more comfortable as it is your first time studying abroad. 

Before coming, international students must also obtain a visa if required by France. Once you get your student space set up  you will be able to receive a “certificate de scolarité” that is a necessary document. We encourage you to look at your consulate’s scheduling already as most take appointments far in advance.

In addition, we have a student group called "C you on Campus" (CYOC) who is committed to helping in your transition. We invite you to email them to join their Facebook group where they will be giving updates on different information, respond to your questions, as well as allowing for you to “meet” other incoming students before your arrival on campus.  email them at

Finally, if you are interested in useful locations in Reims for incoming students, we have an interactive map.

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