Sciences Po a prestigious institution created in 1872

Sciences Po is a university renowned for offering a multi-disciplinary education in the social sciences (Economics, Law, History, Sociology, Political Science). Of the 8600 students at Sciences Po, 42% are from international backgrounds.

Sciences Po prepares its students to become leaders in the public and private sectors through a three-year Bachelor's degree program, the last year of which is spent abroad, followed by a two-year Masters.

Regional campuses internationally oriented

In addition to its flagship campus in Paris, Sciences Po is also composed of six separate regional campuses, each with its own identity and area of expertise: Nancy (Franco-German studies), Dijon (Central and Eastern European Studies), Poitiers (Spanish and Portuguese studies), Menton (Mediterranean and Gulf Studies), Le Havre (Asian studies), and Reims (Euro-american and Euro-African studies).

Bringing French and international students together in a friendly and studious environment, Sciences Po provides all with the opportunity to form international networks and to become part of the educational community of our university.

Sciences Po Reims Campus

An international campus

The Reims Campus of Sciences Po host two Bachelor's degree programmes:

  • the Euro-American programme, a Bachelor Degree in the social sciences that caters to students from around the world, including a strong presence of those from the United States, Canada and Europe. The core curriculum of the Degree is taught in English and offers a comparative perspective (North America / Europe).
  • the Europe-Africa programme, a Bachelor Degree where Students come from all parts of Africa and the world. This is an ambitious program to prepare future leaders for both private and public sectors of African nations.

The Reims Campus also hosts a significant program for students wishing to study at Sciences Po on exchange for one or two semesters. These students hail from one of the 410 academic partners in Sciences Po's international network and have the opportunity to complete one of four special certificates: International Affairs and Strategy, European Affairs, Economics & Business or Journalism. The certificates are offered mostly in English but encourage students to improve their French language skills.

An academic experience connecting both the European model and the American approach

On the site of the former collège des jésuites, an exceptional architectural complex in the center of the city made available to Sciences Po by the city of Reims, students have the opportunity to enjoy an academic experience connecting both the European model (intellectual content of the courses, methodology) and the American approach (group work and interactive exchanges). Great emphasis is also placed on sport, artistic activities and student organizations.

Reims, which is 45 minutes from Paris and 30 minutes from the Charles-de-Gaulle Airport by TGV highspeed train, offers easy transport links to the whole of Northern Europe.